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Castle Rijswijk is a 14th century manor house with an early-20th century farmhouse attached to it. Located near the village of Groessen in the province of Gelderland, it was used initially as a defensive structure. Although significantly altered in the 19th century, the castle retains some of its original elements, such as the thick walls, the remains of the tower, the arched basement and the stairs. It was classified as a National Monument in 1966.

The conservation state of the castle has deteriorated considerably over recent years. Both the exterior and the interior are in need of immediate intervention.


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Can Mindanao Be Safe

Hello from Manila!

I arrived in the Philippines late saturday night at around 23:30 and was greeted by my grandfather and grandmother. On Sunday, we drove around Parañaque to see the location of the Tuloy Foundation and to also visit some of the malls to pick up a few items.

Streets of Parañaque

Entrance to the Tuloy Foundation

Later that night, I had the opportunity to have dinner with member of my family that I have never met before including my uncle and three cousins:

Uncle Miko, my sister Sophie, me, and my three cousins.

Tomorrow I begin my service work at the Tuloy Foundation. My project director has this whole week scheduled for orientation so I can better understand the physical layout of the Tuloy foundation, how their program works, meet some of the students, etc.

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Sail Vacations

HAVANA — The first U.S. cruise ship in nearly 40 years crossed the Florida Straits from Miami and docked in Havana on Monday, restarting commercial travel on waters that served as a stage for a half-century of Cold War hostility.

Carnival Corp.’s gleaming white 704-passenger Adonia had left Miami at 4:24 p.m. Sunday. The ship, operating under Carnival’s Fathom brand, will also visit the ports of Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba on the seven-day outing.

The cruise comes after Cuba loosened its policy banning Cuban-born people from travelling to the country by sea, a rule that threatened to prevent the cruises from happening.

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CHARLESTON, S.C. – A 90-year-old woman was found dead in a pond after she went missing from her nursing home in what is believed to be the first-ever fatal alligator attack in South Carolina history, according to officials.

Investigators said they believe Bonnie Walker slipped or fell into the pond, and then the alligator attacked her, according to The Post and Courier.

“It’s the first one as far as we’ve been keeping records,” Robert McCullough, a spokesman for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources told the paper.

Her body was discovered in a pond behind the West Ashley assisted-living facility, where she lived. An autopsy found the cause of death to be multiple sharp and blunt force trauma injuries.

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Did you know that you can go fishing in downtown Gatlinburg? Adjacent to the Parkway on River Road, the Little Pigeon River offers plenty of good opportunities to catch rainbow trout without leaving downtown Gatlinburg. So, if you’re up for a relaxing day of fishing in downtown Gatlinburg, read on …

The Little Pigeon River in GatlinburgThe Little Pigeon River meanders through downtown Gatlinburg. Starting at traffic light #1 as you enter Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge, the creek (despite the name, let’s call it what it is) is on your right. It continues to follow the Parkway until it reaches Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, where it begins following River Road. Good fishing spots abound throughout this area. Just park in one of the many pay parking lots along the Parkway or River Road (do not park in a business parking lot without permission), find a good hole, and settle in.