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If you are considering getting a Brazilian wax you may have some anxiety, about the pain or the discomfort of being exposed to a stranger. But I’m here to tell you… it is worth it. In this article we will go over what a Brazilian Wax is as well as 5 benefits to Brazilian Wax.

First you need to understand what a Brazilian Wax is. It involved hair removal from the belly button, down the front and all the way through the back. It is literally known as the “bare wax” because it removes all hair on, around, and beyond the bikini zone. You may choose to leave a small triangle or strip but if all the nooks and crannys are waxed, it is still a Brazilian.

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Special financing is a term often used to describe auto loans for consumers with bad credit* – which can include people who have been through bankruptcy or repossession – and limited credit histories.

There are plenty of companies in the auto finance industry willing to accept applications for subprime loans, so if your credit is poor, there may be a lender ready to offer you financing that will help you get on the road.

First of all, keep in mind auto loans for people in bad credit situations typically come with higher annual percentage rates than those offered to consumers with better credit. That’s how the risk is balanced.

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Promoting geographic literacy from the Eastern Shore to Garrett County

The Maryland Geographic Alliance (MGA) is a network of university faculty, K-12 educators, and a wide array of organizations and institutions working to promote and enhance geographic education across Maryland. MGA is headquartered at Towson University, where it is focused on rebuilding and strengthening its network of professional geographers and educators.

Professional development is a major goal of the Maryland Geographic Alliance. Since 1989, more than 14,000 educators have participated in our programs that emphasize geography content and incorporate hands-on activities. Workshops, summer institutes, and mini courses provide specific support for teachers of middle school world cultures, AP human geography, and geospatial technologies.

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 ABOUT OUR COMPANY Howard Sommers Towing, Inc. operates with an exemplary record as an Official Police Garage (OPG) for the Los Angeles Police Department, serving the West Valley Division since 1962. Additionally, we serve as the official police garage for the Topanga Division. We are proud to have served all of our local law enforcement agencies for decades. Our reputation for excellence has allowed us to grow into one of the largest light and heavy-duty towing firms in Southern California. Our Mission The primary mission of Howard Sommers Towing always has been and will continue to be the delivery of…

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